Tuesday 16 October 2007

Art Week

London showed and sold contemporary art for free or millions last week. From the frieze art show in Regent's park (a bargain here starts at £10,000) to free art show, also calling itself anti-frieze. Art for free on a first come first served basis and only one piece per person.
Angelina Joli paid a staggering £1million for one of Banksy's pieces. (A well known London graffiti artist). Maybe these two artists will hit the big time one day.


Annie said...

I know a lady who sells her abstract paintings for a good sum. She says she's had no artistic training, just likes to work with color and that her stuff sells because people look for colorful art that will look good in their painted rooms. She doesn't think she does anything special but apparently the buyers think she does.

Maybe I should go into painting abstractly. I do so much else abstractly :)

smilnsigh said...

Oh that Angelina... ,-)

And I'm happy to hear that you would like your Apple Pie with sharp Cheddar Cheese. :-)


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