Thursday 18 October 2007


Friendliness is always the winner.
I am visiting Paris for a few days. Hopefully I wont be affected by the french transport strikes. My train is still scheduled to leave.
Have a great weekend all. See you early next week.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the photo. But, what is his point in the costume?

smilnsigh said...

That 'man' is precious!

I too hope your trip won't be disrupted by the transport strikes. We nearly didn't 'get out' of Paris, on a trip there a few years ago. ,-) Our plane was flying, but it was the getting to the airport, through the traffic snarls, which was the issue. Fantastic driver though. Somehow, we all made it. :-)


smilnsigh said...

"oldmanlincoln"... I think the point is, he is The Invisible Man. ,-)


FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

This is such a fantastic shot. I love everything about it. The invisible man costume, the wonderful expression on the two people being amused by this character, the mid and backgrounds so full of life. Lovely, absolutely lovely post. Thank you.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

lol! Look at that man's expression (the one in the red turban). Priceless.

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