Thursday 5 June 2008

Exotic Malady

This is part of a rather exotic frieze of creepy crawly critters on London School of hygiene and tropical disease building. Gives you the urge to scratch doesn't it!


marley said...

Glad someone had a sense of humour!

George Townboy said...

Nice shot, Mo. I think I saw this guy hanging around inside my vacuum cleaner last week!

Diederick Wijmans said... really does! Good photo!

Pink said...

you have the coolest photos!

I went to see those murals at the Tate after seeing your photo...took a friend with me. When I pointed out it was a video camera he said - oh good. That means the violence is inside of me.

Very astute observation on his part.

Yes, the violence was inside me too.

Thanks for that great photo and this icky bug too :)

Suzie Bee said...

Nice... :P

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