Saturday 28 June 2008

Social Comment

I recently read an academics paper that graffiti plays a role in telling us that the world is not a beautiful place. Can't get much louder than this one.


marley said...

Nice urban shot. I think its all to easy to over look the social commentry that graffiti gives. I like this post.

Ken Mac said...

great shot and what a sentiment...where was this taken?

Eki said...

indeed ...! some graffiti can be interesting though.

greetings from Bandung.

Pink said...

fantastic shot, Mo!

I like the idea of wearing something exotic to clean my house.

I'm wearing big pink fluffy socks. Do you think that counts?

Hey! The world is not beautiful (starting with my feet) - you said it yourself.

Anonymous said...

There does not seem to anything specific that is toxic here; maybe it means that everything is toxic.

I am amazed by the effort that some people put into their urban language and the out of the way places they manage to locate it. This looks like it could be a pylon of a road-overpass.

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