Saturday 27 September 2008

The Intrepid Fox

Don't know what happened to the Intrepid Fox. I found an old review that talked about the scary patrons, goths and hard rockers, then it talked about the even scarier loos.
Looks a little sad now.
According to an article in the Independent in March this year, 27 pubs a week closed in 2007. What is taking their place is a little uncertain. I'll do more research and sometime in the future do an update on this post.


USelaine said...

Pub life seems so essentially British, I wonder what could be happening to change that. The internet? No money for beer (seems unlikely)? That sounds like an awful lot of pubs gone, unless newer, cleaner ones are opening. I'll be interested to learn what you find out about it.

Unknown said...

Love the frieze on the building. Looks a sad end to possibly a once lovely looking place.

I've put a photo of one of our remaining spit & sawdust pubs on this site.

why not take a look.

Eki said...

That single bike on the pole makes the whole picture, Mo. I like how you observe and place the elements in this photograph.

The Lone Beader® said...

I did a little research, too, and some major rock starts used to hang out at that joint! I totally would have gone there for a beer or two. But, not three, cuz then I'd have to use the loo. ;)

Becky said...

That's fascinating. I'd love to know what's replacing the pubs, and why the sudden decrease in their existence.

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