Tuesday 9 March 2010

Cycle Polo

I'd never heard of this sport until last weekend, even though it has been around since 1891.
As part of the festivities of the East End festival this exciting version known as hardcourt cycle polo was played at Spitalfields Market.

There are three core rules of play:
In the case of a 'foot down' or 'dab' (touching the ground with ones foot) the player must "tap out" by riding to mid-court and hitting a designated area with their mallet. There is usually a tap-out located on either side of the court.
In order to score, the offensive player must hit the ball across the goal line using the narrow end of the mallet - this is called a "shot" or "hit" - hitting the ball across the goal line with the wide end of the mallet is called a "shuffle".
When your team scores a goal, you wait back in your end for the other team (player or ball, whichever comes first) to cross half before engaging in play again.
There are three contact rules: body on body, bike on bike and mallet on mallet.
An etiquette rule is that you play others as hard as they play you


Lucy Corrander said...

Sounds fun - and there seems to be a good crowd.

I guess a match on 1891 bikes would have been a bit slower than the one you photographed here.


Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» had never heard of this either!

B SQUARED said...

I'd kill myself trying to play this.

Kat said...

Brilliant idea, mixing mallets with bicycles. Thanks for showcasing this sport - I'm thinking we should start it in Canada because we have the weather to do it outside year round. I'd imagine I'd succumb to a lot of bike-on-body contact though... :P Ouch!

Mara said...

Would they have done it on those 'Penny Farthing' bikes back in 1891?

stromsjo said...

Gee - I would tap out immediately, go get something to drink and watch the others!

Anonymous said...

is permitted
in sports photography,
but must be effective (not simply present)

keep trying!

× × ×


Babzy.B said...

Never heard of that before ... How fun :)

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