Wednesday 6 October 2010

Zuby - Rapper

International rapper and hip hop artist Zuby is headlining a tour in the UK this month. He has three albums, the latest one, "How I Feel" was released earlier this year. He has gigged the UK, Saudi Arabia, Germany and the USA.
He was in London on Saturday and I spoke to him and photographed him at Waterloo station.

Mo - Can you tell me what the difference is between hip hop, rap and underground?

Zuby - Hip hop is the culture, rap is a part of hip hop. Rap is hip hop in music form. Hip hop has different elements, hip hop is rap music, hip hop is graffiti, hip hop is break dancing and hip hop is also dj-ing. Underground just means it hasn't reached mainstream yet.

Mo - Rap, hip hop is from the street and you're not. Banksie the street artist gets challenged on his street cred for the same (assumed) reason. What do you think about that?

Zuby - You know what in 2010 anyone can be a rapper, the truth and reality is that what matters is that it's not where you're from or whatever, it's that you're good at it or not, and if you are real to yourself then people will accept that. If you come out talking about what you know and you do it well then people will respect that.

Mo - many people think the messages from rappers are misogynist and violent, what is your take on that?

Zuby - I can't think of any rappers who are misogynist. Violent, people ask me that a lot actually, so two points on that. First, it's entertainment and to some degree in the same category as a violent movie or a violent video game. I think it's interesting that human beings find violence entertaining and if we are truthful the vast majority of us do. Second, is that music is a reflection of what is going on in society. Unfortunately violence is part of society, sex is part of society and the world is positive and negative. I think it would be unrealistic for someone to expect that another human being living in the same world to expect to only and always talk about everything in a positive light.

Mo - The genre of rap music is generally about delivering messages. What messages do you want to deliver with your songs.

Zuby - You know what, all my songs are different but I think the underlying theme in my songs is about striving to reach your goals, regardless of your setbacks that you endure and living for your goals and living for your dreams - trying to achieve that. I think that's probably the underlying theme in a lot of my songs. Not all my songs are deep. Steppin' 2 me, that was just about proving to people that I could rap.

Don't miss Zuby in "Hip Hop Lives the tour".

This hot talented artist is one to keep an eye on! Join him on facebook.


Babzy.B said...

Nice portrait and thumbs up to the journalist ;)

Stefan Jansson said...

Great portrait of the musician. Always interesting to talk with artists I think.

Luis Gomez said...

Wonderful portrait and very nice interview.

Caroline said...

Zuby doobeedoo - have fun!

H said...

Good interview! He answered well :)

stromsjo said...

It's not where you're from. Unfortunately, we've got a growing political party here based on the opposite assumption.

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