Wednesday 20 April 2011

Monopoly - Pentonville Road

Monopoly blue Square. £120.

Pentonville Road forms part of the inner ring road of London, running /east from Kings Cross to Angel Islington. One of the busiest roads in the city. This stretch is looking down to Kings Cross station.
If you've just popped in to this blog, we are currently on a tour of the monopoly board starting from GO and taking in each square.


H said...

I can't travel down here without remembering the King's Cross underground fire.

On a dafter note, I do remember the first time I was driven along here and how excited I was to spot the street name sign and realise I was on the Monopoly board! (I was probably in my 30s at the time!!)

Luis Gomez said...

Nice shot Mo.

Sharon said...

Love your photo with the traffic lights in streaks.

Witness said...


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