Saturday 28 January 2012

Climb Inside Cut the Rope

A treat today. A game you can really get into. Cut the Rope is a physics based video developed in 2010 in Russia for "handheld" gaming devices. The object of the game is to feed candy to a little green monster called Om Nom by cutting the ropes that hold the candy. Simple .. no! There are 25 difficulty levels in this game - so stealing candy from a baby this is NOT!!
The Microsoft team have developed the game so anyone can play it on-line in IE9 and above. If you want to get into the game go to Spitialfields Market this weekend and step into virtual reality just like these guys.
Take Om Nom's picture somewhere..anywhere.. in a real life setting, then upload your picture to the Internet explorer facebook and you are in with a chance to win a prize - toys, t-shirts, sweets and even a laptop are up for grabs.


Rachel Green said...

but of course, it works in any browser, preferably one without the security issues of IE ;)

H said...

I'm steering well clear of anything that potentially addictive!!! :)

Brianna said...

Very cool!

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