Thursday 28 June 2012

British Music Past and Future

After my climb on the O2 roof last weekend, I took in the British Music Experience (BME) at O2. Everything you ever wanted to know about British Music is here. Show cases displaying clothing, memorabilia, sheet music, you name it, it is here. Then there are the giant video screens showing singers and bands from every decade.

It's not just for watching, you can get involved, like the girl above learning dance routines.

Just before you exit you get a glimpse of the future. Hologram concerts. This future is happening very soon. I read in the paper the other day that a Jimi Hendrix concert is planned very soon. He will be there as a hologram.


Jenny Woolf said...

At one time I was starting to think the Millennium Dome would sit there empty forever. I'm glad the venue has found its feet.

Sharon said...

Oh, I think I would enjoy this place very much.

Jack said...

You are quite the adventurer.

Jimi Hendrix? Excuse me, but poor Jimi is very, very dead. Let's let the poor guy rest, OK?

Angie said...

While you are out there having fun any chance of going to V&A Friday Late? Drink, Shop & Do in collaboration with Slinkachu: Big Invasion of Small Sculptures. Could be interesting!

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