Thursday 6 September 2012

Curious Anatomys

Something very different for you today. On display at the Royal College of Physicians are these very unusual anatomical tables from the 17th century. They are the dissected human remains of the venous, arterial and nervous system of the human body presented on large wooden panels. Incredible skills would have been required to create these panels both in dissection and preservation techniques.
They were donated to the Royal College of Physicians in 1823 by the 10th Earl of Burnley-on-the-Hill.
An interesting short film about the panels can be seen here.
They are on display at the college until 31 December 2012.


Adullamite said...

Thanks for ruining breakfast!!!i

jabblog said...

This is fascinating. What extraordinarily difficult work it must have been to remove and rearrange these tissues. The film was most interesting. Thank you, Mo:-)

Karine said...

Fascinating! I was actually one of the few not grossed out by dissection in High School lol

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