Friday, 9 November 2012


One of England's purpose built cinema's, the Electric Pavilion, as it was known then, opened in 1911. It seated 750 people and had an organ.  Of course all the movies shown in those early days were silent. The first talking movies were shown in 1929.

In the 1950's the organ was removed and the theatre was given a bit of a face-lift, fortunately the council retained the original facade.

It became an art house theatre in the 1970's and was renamed the Little Bit Ritzy.  Known at this time as a political and cultural centre showing documentaries, and also a centre for holding discussions on issues facing the black communities, feminism and homosexual rights.

Now it is simply known as the Ritzy, it has five screens, a cafe and a bar. It is still a very cool place to hang out.


Angie said...

Putting on the Ritz-y with Madagascar?

Sharon said...

I like the building and the name is great.

Jenny Woolf said...

Trying to remember where it is. I know the name. Maybe I should look it up - it looks interesting.(the vue is so dispiriting!)

Stefan Jansson said...


Marie said...

ooo, my Ritzy! I say 'my' as I live in Brixton myself and therefore feel quite possessive of it. I do love the Ritzy, just got such a great vibe!