Monday 28 January 2013

King Charles I was the only King of England to be executed. 
The strict religious views that he imposed on his subjects and his battles with parliament didn't make him terribly popular.
The Scots in particular weren't too happy about this, especially when he tried to force a new prayer book on the country. 
It all ended rather badly for Charles when he was executed in 1649 after a reign of twenty four years.

The English civil war society re-enact the period in his memory.  They laid a wreath outside Banqueting House, the spot where King Charles was executed.  This was followed by a sombre march down the Mall. 


Pierre BOYER said...

Best regards from France,


jabblog said...

Very colourful! I've been to a banquet at the Banqueting House and sat by the window Charles I stepped through to his execution.

Adullamite said...

King of England?
Kong of both England and Scots (no-one is ever King of Scotland).
Catholic with a divine right of kings belief which went to his head, until it fell off.
Scots were/are right to oppose English tyranny.

Sharon said...

A good reminder for political leaders to stay out of the business of religion. I see the Horse Guards in the background.

Stefan Jansson said...

That is religion for you.

Jack said...

Do you ever wonder what makes people in 2013 dress up and play-act about events in the mid-1600s? I was tempted to say that I have better things to do, but I don't.


I never saw this reenactment, how fun and funny. Being king is a risky business.

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