Tuesday 30 April 2013

Sole Leaving the Body

The sole leaving the body, is the theme of Thom Bleasdale's exhibition of photography and sculpture. 
A major illness during his 20's meant that Thom was isolated and questioning life and death in a way young people should not have to do. However Thom used this time to create art as a way of dealing with life and death.  About his work he said: "The pieces are mainly about my view on life and my attempt to convince myself that death isn’t terrifying"

The result is a  strong body of work that has earned him recognition from the art, photograph and skating world.

Skateboarder Magazine said: "His photographs are so distinctive that I recognise them from his style alone. He frequently shoots the most simple scenes, yet each image tells a deeper story and moves the viewer to feel something."

His First London exhibition is showing at the Superlative Space Gallery WeSC Store, 43 Carnaby Street.  From April 26 to June 7


Sharon said...

I went to his site to have a look. He has some very interesting work.


I really like that picture. And going through a major illness really channels you in unexpected ways - thank you for sharing this.

Gunn said...

I will take a look!:)
I will be in London for a week soon.

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