Monday 30 September 2013

More fun in London

Explore London Town with Help from Newly Launched Kippsy!

Whether you are doing a day trip or spending your whole holiday in the British capital, you will find more than enough to satisfy your appetite for history, culture, special events, shopping and, of course, food – but what about accommodation?

Ensuring visitors get an authentic London experience, newly launched firm Kippsy are giving holidaymakers and guests a smart alternative to hotels with a fantastic selection of options in the heart of the English capital.

A city of contrasts

London’s history goes back two millennia and its rich history which visitors enjoy. Found within this modern multi-cultural city, it makes for a vibrant break that merges traditional and trendy, old and new. From retail therapy to theatre or a night on the town, London has it all and Kippsy’s accommodation will ensure you have access to it all.

One advocate of the brand, the DJ-owner of clubbing brand Koolwaters Marc Vedo, explained that with Kippsy visitors to the city are able to find a local base that gives them the freedom and privacy they need. Putting it simply he explained the firm “gives [him] flexible, central locations near to the London music and club scene” from which he can explore the area.

Staying in London

London accommodation offers hotels and hostels for every pocket in the British capital so why should you opt for something different from Kippsy? Holiday studios, flats and houses provide the option of cooking at leisure to your own timetable with ingredients you have picked up at the local supermarket but this is not their only benefit.

According to co-founder Phil Cooper, Kippsy can offer savings of up to 65% when compared against a typical hotel stay and that is with the option to plan a bespoke trip that is as individual as the guests.

Considering his position as a leading internet entrepreneur who has successfully built and sold two online businesses and racked up 8 years experience in investing in the property market, these are surely wise words we should pay heed to.

Getting around

The city is well-served by Tube (subway), bus, trains, taxis and even river boats to some spots.
Accommodation offered by Kippsy is located in convenient and vibrant parts of the city where even a walk around the locale is a delight so this is another reason why you should choose their service.

With their online site launching this month with flexible and cost effective accommodation options for those visiting the capital, now is the perfect time to start seeing what Kippsy can do for you.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Very cool

Luis Gomez said...

So great!

Sharon said...

Hmmm....I'm going to have to check this out.

EG CameraGirl said...

You are making me want to visit London again soon!

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