Tuesday 1 April 2014

Explore the top 10 most expensive properties in the UK

The current boom in the UK housing market indicates that those with the cash to invest are having no difficulty finding their dream homes – no matter what the cost!

Here are 10 of the most expensive properties in the UK.

1. Hyde Park Penthouse, London

If you want to invest in a home and enjoy the idea of gracious living in a penthouse suite, then the £137 million price tag on this property shouldn’t deter you.

2. Mayfair Terrace, London

On the market at £90 million, this 21 bedroom 18th century property has everything you could ever dream of. The garage is even large enough to accommodate four limousines.

3. Bishops Avenue, Hampstead

If you need 15 bedrooms, an indoor pool, home cinema and gym then all you have to invest is £65 million and this property on Hampstead’s famous ‘Millionaire’s Row’ could be yours.

4. Kingston Lisle Park, Oxfordshire

Become a close neighbour of the Camerons, the Clarksons and other notables by paying £35 million for this beautiful, 14-bedroom house complete with swimming pool, golf course and acres upon acres of land.

5. Bletchingdon, Oxfordshire

If you’ve always dreamt of a magnificent Palladian Villa, then all you need is £15 million and you could be the proud owner of this wonderful 9-bedroom house.

6. Gledfield Estate Ardgay, Sutherland

At the centre of the £8 million Gledfield estate sits the impressive Gledfield House. With this money you’ll also be investing in a further eight cottages and houses that can be used as holiday rentals or staff accommodation.

7. Rivenhall, Essex

If you want a splendid Georgian pile in Essex, then £5 million will buy you a house that is Grade 2 listed, has eight bedrooms and four bathrooms. The mansion is also set in its own estate.

8. Myres Castle Auchtermuchty, Fife, Scotland

For those who dream of owning a castle, then this £2.5 million, 10-bedroom period house is perfect.

9. Priory Road Forest Row, Sussex

This beautiful 7-bedroom period house is on the market for just under £2 million and comes complete with stables, a swimming pool and a two-bedroom staff annexe.

10. Barnbeth Estate, Scotland

This stately pile comes in at a mere £1.7 million and you get plenty of bang for your buck. Enjoy an Arts and Crafts mansion, stables, two cottages, and 10.5 acres of land as well as a well-stocked trout pond.

Finding your perfect home

If you’re looking for properties for sale in the UK then it’s important you match your selection to your budget. While there are many dream homes available, they typically come with high price tags.

More affordable options can still allow you to live in a great location with fantastic amenities so it’s important you shop around.

Retirement specialists McCarthy & Stone are a perfect example of affordable housing providers with all their developments offering exceptional quality in stunning surroundings and key locations.


Adullamite said...

It's Auchtermuchty for me, but not in winter!

biebkriebels said...

Sad London becomes a city only for the rich ones, just like New York.

Angie said...

And the guy stepping out - didn't just loose the shirt of his back!

William Kendall said...

That's a whole lot of dough.

Jack said...

The man in the top photo is expressing what he thinks about these big houses.

Gunn said...

I have been to Bishops Avenue.....
Never ever seen anything like it!

Babzy.B said...

coming next the cheapest properties in uk ;) hihi

Billy Blue Eyes said...

The two Oxfordshire ones are not so far from me but they are not places I would want to live
The first is near Wantage and the second just outside Kidlington.

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