Friday 11 April 2014

Spitting Image - Thirty Years

The caricature puppets that performed in the satirical TV program Spitting Image are celebrating their 30th anniversary in an exhibition at the cartoon museum.  The show ran on ITV for 18 episodes, polarising viewers into love and hate camps especially the portrayal of the royals.

Prominent politicians of the 80's and 90's  including British prime ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major and American president Ronald Reagan featured in many of the episodes.  Gems included 'the presidents brain is missing'  featuring Ronald and Nancy Reagan.   The 'cabinet of vegetable sketch'  featuring Margaret Thatcher.

The exhibition 'Spitting Image: from start to finish'  includes sculptures, drawings and videos showing the creation of the puppets and the making of the shows.  Newspaper and magazine cartoon accompany the work and of course the highlight is a selection of some of the best of the puppets, including a larger than life puppet of Margaret Thatcher.

The exhibition runs 26 February to 8 June 2014
The Cartoon Museum
35 Little Russell Street


Stefan Jansson said...

I remember that show. Very good at the time.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Used to love watching that every week, just a shame it finished. Maggie is at the Imperial War Museum

William Kendall said...

They ran that show on Canadian stations as well. Only eighteen episodes? That surprises me.

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