Tuesday 17 June 2014

A Garden Tour

The weekend of 14-15 June was open garden squares.  Now in its 20th year this is a chance to see many garden squares not open to the general public.

I thought Sharon of Phoenix Daily Photo would enjoy seeing many of these gardens, so Sharon over the next few days I am taking you on a tour that I know you would love.

The first garden we are visiting is Marlborough House.  Built by Christopher Wren 1709-1711 for the first Duke of Marlborough John Churchill and his wife Sarah, Queen Anne's favourite courtier.  After the death of the fourth Duke of Marlborough in 1817 the mansion purchased by the crown for Princess Charlotte, sole heir of the future King George IV.  However Charlotte didn't get to live here as she died following childbirth.   As succession to the throne changed so did those who were to live or did live in the house.   It was not until 1863 when the Prince of Wales and his new Danish bride came to live in the house that anyone since the original owners made an impression on Marlborough House.  Bertie and Alix used this as their London home for nearly 40 years until Bertie succeeded to the throne in 1901 as Edward VII.

The last royal to live here was Queen Mary after the death of King George V.

In 1959 the current Queen Elizabeth gave use of the house to the government as a Commonwealth Centre.  It now houses the Commonwealth Secretariat and Foundation.

One of the corners of the garden that caught my eye was the pet cemetery with 8 tombstones.


Stefan Jansson said...

What type of lawn mower do they use here?

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Nice visit I must say anda well kept lawn.
Stefan the most likley use a sit on lawn mower

Sharon said...

Oh wow, I can't wait to see all these places. This one is stunning and I don't remember ever seeing it before. I'll be back for more. Thanks.

Luis Gomez said...

Mo, Thank you so much for this post. That image is just gorgeous.

William Kendall said...

What a grand place!

And a poignant cemetery.

Coco said...

Very elegant pet headstones.

Jack said...

Mo, I have been reading your posts backward. I loved the garden tour. Thanks!

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