Saturday 21 June 2014

Cadogan Place Gardens

This 350 year old garden is still privately owned, although membership to the gardens and tennis courts is offered to the surrounding residents.  The gardens form part of the estate acquired by Sir Hans Sloane.  Many of the plant species he brought back from his travels can still be found in these gardens, such as the 300 year old Mulberry trees.   By the end of the 18th century it was known as the London Botanic Garden.

It is still a place for rare and endangered species. The small tree (right) "Wollemia nobilis an Australian pine that dates back 65 million years was believed to be extinct and only known of through fossils.  That was until a small stand was discovered in the Blue Mountains in 1994 by a national park field officer.  The three areas where the 100 trees were discovered, is kept a closely guarded secret to maintain the health  of the trees.  They are vulnerable to many plant diseases particularly a virulent water mould that is easily carried by people on their shoes and clothing.

A propagation program available to Botanical gardens in Australia and throughout the world was set up in 2006. Kew gardens propagated this tree and sells plant in their shop.  They make a lovely potted Christmas tree.

Feeling a little weary from all this garden visiting there was just one more thing to do.

Enjoy a wee glass of proseco and sit down for a rest.  Cheers Sharon.  I hope you enjoyed our day.


Sharon said...

A perfect ending to a day of garden exploring. Thanks for the tour! I loved it.

Luis Gomez said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

William Kendall said...

Such a lovely garden, Mo!

Coco said...


Jack said...

I enjoyed your observations from the inside.

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