Sunday 21 September 2014

Ted and the Glorious 12

But Doll, I don’t think I even like whisky, and you said I already have enough expensive habits!

The Doll had been invited to a “here for three days only” pop up Scottish wild game and malt whisky bar and restaurant called Glorious 12, and she wanted me to go with her to the food and whisky matching session.  She said that I had never tried any “decent” Scottish single malt whisky, that I had a duty to keep you lot entertained, and that this was something a little different that you might like.

When I realised that the wild game was coming from Andy of the Wild Game Co (remember the Struie Road pop up) I felt a lot better. The Whisky was being supplied by the Scottish Malt Whisky Society, a members only society, who source casks of single malt from various distilleries around Scotland and bottle it at true cask strength, usually around 50 – 56%.  The alcohol percentage in most commercially available whiskies is diluted down to around 40 – 43% before bottling.

We got to choose one of the three wild game menus with four dishes and an accompanying whisky matched to each dish. 

I thought this was where the name of the pop up had come from until I was enlightened by a fellow dinner who shall remain nameless (cos I don’t know his name) that it was a play on the “Glorious 12th which is the 12th of August – the official opening of the British game season. 

The menu for novices or those who prefer their whisky lighter was “Toe in the Water”, for those in the middle there was “a Walk on the Wild Side” and for the dedicated lovers of all things wildly gamey and the heavier and more peaty styles of whisky “Brace Yourself” was offered.

The Doll chose Brace Yourself.  I came over all Lou Reed like and chose a Walk on the Wild Side and got roe deer, grouse, smoked rabbit, and honey roasted woodcock.  The accompanying whiskies in the same order were 35.120 deep, rich & dried fruits; 7.96 light & delicate; 66.57 oily & coastal and 76.120 young & spritely.

"So Ted how was it?" I hear you asking ... well ... it was nothing short of a true revelation actually.  I had no idea whisky could go so well with food, and that yes … I could even like it. 

Each society bottle has a numeric code printed directly onto the bottle which serves as it's label and identification, visit their site to crack it, as their newest member I am sworn to secrecy.


Billy Blue Eyes said...

Sounds like an intersting few days, if you can remember them afer the whisky

Jack said...

Ted, the Doll and you do go to some of the most interesting places. This pop-up restaurant/bar sounds wonderful. I am sure it was most educational . . . at least the parts that you can remember.

Sharon said...

I have to agree with Jack. You two get to go to some very interesting events. I have to admit Ted, this one would scare me a bit too but, you certainly arose to the occasion.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I'm absolutely going to have to take your word on all above Mo.. it's a shameful fact that as a Scot I have never been able to drink the whiskey, such a disappointment to my Dad :)

William Kendall said...

That whiskey might have an effect on your short term memory for a few days!

Adullamite said...

WHISKY is spelt WHISKY!!!!!!!!!!

That sounds a great day out and the food would absorb the alcohol, if Ted can remember....

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