Monday 5 January 2015

The Candlelit Theatre

It's charming and intimate, just the way an indoor theatre was in Shakespeare's time.

When the current Globe Theatre was built the brick shell of this Jacobean theatre formed part of the original construction.  Initially the space was used for education purposes until enough money was raised to complete the work.  Rather than representing one particular theatre the design has been taken from drawings of several theatres of around 1660.   The wooden interior and ornately painted ceiling take on a warm hue thrown out by the beeswax candles that light the 340 seat theatre.

The first production was staged in January 2014, one year later the theatre has proven to be more popular and successful than anticipated.  Named after Sam Wannamaker the American actor and director who dedicated more than twenty years to fulfil his dream of a new Globe Theatre built in a true Shakespearean style.

To see what's currently showing visit the official website


Billy Blue Eyes said...

How nice that is, bet they get through some candles

Sharon said...

Thanks for this peek inside. I've seen it from the outside but never inside.

William Kendall said...

I like the intimacy of the design.

Angie said...

So charming!

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