Thursday 14 May 2015

Imagine a Swimming Pool

Kids of all ages, we all love playing in the water.  Fountains are fun but a swimming pool would be even more fun.

Once upon a time before there were cars and airplanes and the internet, people swam in the sea and the rivers.  The Thames was full of fish and even royalty swam in its crystal clear waters.   As recently as Victorian times, taking a dip in the Thames was a popular past time.  However  the mighty Thames was also used as a dumping place for effluent from industry and raw sewerage.  The fish died and the water became so unsafe that swimming was banned by law.

Now we are spending millions to clean the waters of the Thames.  The fish are returning and multiple filtering enables us to drink it.   Once the new super £4.2 billion sewer system is completed (in 2023) we should even be able to swim in the river again.

Thames Baths Lido has a plan to enable us to swim in crystal clear waters by Spring 2017!  They launched their plan for a pontoon swimming pool three weeks ago.  It's a rather cool plan.  The edges of the pontoon not only look pretty with plants but it is actually a filtering system (no chemicals) that makes the water super clean and keeps it lovely and soft, just as nature intended.  It is then pumped into pools on the pontoon.  They even plan to heat it so we can swim all year round.  Imagine that!

© Studio Octopi + Picture Plane

They've drawn up a couple of models, with one option being moored by City Hall and the other on Victoria Embankment by Blackfriars Bridge.  You can share the project (or even give them money) on their kickstarter page here.  If it all goes according to plan a stroll along the Thames path could include a refreshing dip in it yet again ... pack your swimming costume so you're ready.

© Studio Octopi + Picture Plane


Luis Gomez said...

Gorgeous shots!

Sharon said...

What a great plan. I'd love to see it in action but, I'll just observe from the shore and take a few photos.

William Kendall said...

It would be nice to see it well restored.

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