Sunday 28 June 2015

Ted gets a first

… an invitation to a “first” in a first of its kind here kinda way, as opposed to an academic first or a first in sports or a first born even … no this “first” was all total enjoyment. I got an invitation to the opening of ecovino teatro - the first wine bar in Enfield in North London.

ecovino tearto is brought to you by Sustainable Wines UK.  Remember them, I pinched all the explanations about natural, organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines off their website a while back in my quest to educate us all.  Well ... not only did they NOT sue me, they actually invited me to the opening of their wine bar in Enfield Town.

The wine bar runs Wednesday through Sunday at the very civilised hours of 6pm until 11pm. It’s located in the Dugdale Centre which is a big, light, and airy space that also has a Theatre (teatro). Comfortable sofas, chairs, and tables all just beckon to you to come in and sit down and treat yourself to a lovely glass (or 2 or 3) of wine that not only tastes terrific but you just know that it has got to be good for you as it’s made by winemakers who care about the environment and what we put in our bodies. Yeah alright Ted … we know any excuse will do … but it’s true actually – ask any hay fever/allergy sufferer what happened when they switched to a more organic or natural range of wine … bet I know the answer!

The fit out is great, with the red wines displayed in old wine cases behind the counter so you can see the physical embodiment of what is on their wine list. I decided I would start with a glass of the Walnut Block Collectables 2014 Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and I accompanied it with some organic nuts and olives. It was so good that I had another glass and accompanied that one with some organic ash coated goats cheese that I had bought from this lovely chap in the foyer. I was about to imbibe further when The Doll texted and politely enquired would I be long as she’d been at the restaurant for 20 minutes now … luckily there’s a great frequent and speedy overground service from Enfield Town to the centre of London … I’ll be back ecovino teatro!! 


Sharon said...

This sounds like a place well worth the trip north to try!

Jack said...

Ah, Ted, you are now a celebrity! Invited to openings. And you couldn't wangle an invitation for the Doll?

William Kendall said...

You can't leave the Doll waiting!

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