Sunday 25 October 2015

Ted gets it wright

… finally … The other day the Doll said “Ted I’ve not had any oysters for ages and it’s the season now, so I fancy some”.  She had already decided where she wanted to go what’s more … she wanted to go the Wright Brothers Oyster and Porter House restaurant in Borough Market. Again why? Well … because they have their own oyster farms in Cornwall and fishing boats for fresh fish catches, so they should know what they are doing right??

Oysters have been a favourite of human kind from prehistoric times, and not just because they were easy to harvest being stuck to the rocks and unable to run off as they were. They were so prolific that as late as Victorian times they were considered fodder for the poor… oh how times change.

Today, the oysters served up to you, aside from being expensive, are most likely to be the Pacific oyster as they are the most obliging about being considered part of the aquaculture family and thus don’t mind growing in farms. If you live in more far flung parts of the world (like Canada or New Zealand) you might still be lucky enough to find unfarmed “natives” i.e. “I am wild and I live on this nice sandy bottom bit of seabed”, and if you're quick you can sell your car to buy a dozen of them.

So … off to Wright Bros we went.  How nice it is to go to yet another handsome restaurant, where you get the best seats (overlooking the open kitchen and right amongst the action) clearly all of the staff really enjoy their jobs, and even more, that you the customer feel right at home and enjoy your experience totally (take a bow Bart and Keith).

We started with a mixed dozen rocks from England, Ireland and Jersey. When I say a dozen I mean a baker’s dozen (13) as that’s what you get. To save being bogged down in unnecessary pleasantries The Doll said right up front  … number 13 is mine Ted!!  Another diplomatic incident successfully avoided, and made all the sweeter by the glasses of Muscadet from the oyster producing region of France that we enjoyed with our fab bivalves. Sardines with roasted tomatoes and Moules Marinere rounded out a succulent seafood lunch in the most hospitable of surroundings.  If you are in London you must visit Borough Market, and do yourself a favour and book a table at Wright Bros in advance to complete the experience – I am saving up for the deluxe seafood platter (it's supposed to feed 4 but you know my answer to that right ..)  


Sharon said...

Oh my, my mouth is watering. Sounds heavenly. I haven't had oysters in a very long time.

William Kendall said...

Admittedly I tend to avoid seafood!

Jack said...

Sorry. Ted and Doll. I have never been a big oyster fan, although Duxbury (Massachusetts) is known for oysters and we have other oyster beds along the Atlantic coast of the USA.

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