Monday 7 December 2015

A Christmas Eve Like No Other

What do you do if an elf breaks into your warehouse.  If you are Gary a wee bit of a dodgy east end boy you tie him up of course.  What if the elf then pleads that if you don't let him go there will be no Christmas this year, or worse he might die.  So you call your best friend Chris (naturally) and he arrives dressed in his blue Onesie!  Why?  When is this poor excuse for a garment going to be banned.

The tart you've been sleeping with (Cherry) arrives demanding the present you promised her kid, and she is not someone you should mess with.   Then your ex-wife calls and says she's on her way to collect the presents for your son.

Gary is in a spot of bother.  Can things get any worse than this? ... maybe not as pixie magic dust and wishes are yet to come.

The hilarious black comedy  "The night before Christmas" is an adults only Christmas anti-panto (here in the land of Christmas Pantomimes). Whatever, I can promise you that you won't be disappointed in this hour long production by the Different Breed Theatre company.  Saturday nights there is an additional "after show" performance to round off the evening.

Performed upstairs at The Bottle Shop in Bermondsey where you can drink some the best beers and ciders available in London,  munch on a few nibbles,  and if your brave enough, you can enter Santa's grotty hole and sit on his lap and get a present.

On until 19th December bookings and details here.


jabblog said...

That sounds like great fun!

Sharon said...

That sounds like a very funny take on the Christmas story.

William Kendall said...

That does sound like a blast!

Jack said...

OK, I am persuaded. I will go.

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