Tuesday 8 March 2016

Ancient Egypt

"Beyond Beauty transforming the body in ancient Egypt" is the title of the current exhibition at 2 Temple Place.  A unique opportunity to see exquisite Egyptian funerary.  Masks, painted coffins, beautiful jewellery, paintings and silk clothing.  

Two Temple Place is a small gallery, in one of London's magnificent town houses, that gathers together pieces from museums and collections throughout the country enabling the pieces to be seen together.

It's not just the pieces themselves that are interesting but also the stories of the obsessive Victorian collectors and archeologists who excavated and brought the pieces back with them.

In addition to the exhibition there is a program of cultural events that includes storytelling, lectures, traditional Egyptian music and craft workshops.

Beyond Beauty
2 Temple Place
30 January - 24 April 2016


Adullamite said...

That sounds worth a look.

William Kendall said...

Ancient Egypt has always fascinated me, so I'd enjoy this.

Sharon said...

I love seeing things like this. I wish I was there to see this one.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Would love to see this Mo, our trip to Egypt was totally awesome, and I don't use awesome lightly :)

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