Saturday, 12 September 2009

Men at Work # 12

Somethings are best done the old fashioned way.

Next week I will be running an exciting competition with a fabulous prize. Stay tuned for details.


3c said...

I'm wondering if they offer lifts to weary pedestrians.

magiceye said...

i like 3c's thought!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

boy, do I love competitions....I wait with baited breath.

alestedemadrid said...

Less noisy and less messy.

Anonymous said...

appears to be
gray & dismal, often

fortunately, there appears to be no shortage of colorful and busy people

good pic

× × ×


Julie said...

good capture. I also liked your dog walker photo.

Unknown said...

Hi Mo,
I hope you enjoyed your little vacation.
Good capture! I like to see men working. I will show this to Mr. Asta and remind him of his good life-:)

Best regards

Babzy.B said...

timeless shot !
A competition ... I stay tuned for sure , i'm curious ;)

Anna said...

They are certainly less noisy than trucks. No beeping when they back up!

Linda said...

Especially when they give an opportunity for a bit of human interaction.

marley said...

The photo may be of rubbish but a competition and a fabulous prize, I can't wait!

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