Wednesday 16 September 2009

Win a Trip to Brussels

Remember my Sun and Fun in Brussels? The good folk at we are social thought you and a friend might like to have some fun in Brussels courtesy of Eurostar little break, big difference .

what do you have to do to win this super duper prize? - easy

  • answer the questions on the 3 pictures above (the images have all been posted on this blog in 2009) AND

  • add a sentence or two on what a little break big difference would do for you

how do I enter?

  • leave your answers (and creative responses) in the "comments" of this post - remember to leave a way in which you can be contacted OR

  • write a post on your blog/website but make sure you leave a comment on this post with a link to your efforts OR

  • if you don't have a blog or website and comments don't work. Don't despair, you can still enter, email me with your answers

What's the prize?

  • Two lesiure class return tickets (that's the posh seats) from London St Pancras to Brussels

  • any time, any day, however long (or short) you want as long as it is taken between now and November

Competition ends Tuesday 22 September midnight UK time

How will it be judged and when will we know who won

We are social will short list to 5 the most amazing/brilliant/wittiest of you. I will draw one of those out of a hat the following Friday. Easy Peasy.

Get creative.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

The first one is big ben London.
The second one is Covent Garden.
The third on is London Eye (at night). Loved all these posts.

I seriously need this holiday as my hooligan girl-children are not only driving me to guzzle copious amounts of alcohol and sucking on extra cancer sticks, but I my temples are transforming into salt and pepper. This melancholy makeover is much more disturbing than the damage that fags and booze are doing to my lungs and liver. It’s vital that this holiday be mine, as my unfortunate husband has a to put up with a grumpy, intoxicated and soon-to-be middle-aged red-head. So, in conclusion, I’m doing it for my marriage – poor bugger!

Gillian aka ADaftScot

Oh, and I will be tweeting this lots and I posted on my bloggy too. Can I do anymore?

bowerbird said...

Did I ever tell you about my tall elder sibling? Big Ben(1) to his mates, anyway, everyday as the clock struck noon he'd peel open his favourite carton of Covent Garden(2) soup and glug it straight from the pack in one go and then neatly dab a napkin to his mouth.

He was so regular that his co-workers could set their clock's by Big Ben's soup feasts.

Including the day his lovely sister treated him to a tourist day out in London for his birthday. In the queue for the London Eye(3) as Big Ben tolled, our Big Ben covertly produced his soup from a pocket and performed his lunchtime ritual.

When he'd finished, I said, 'you must really love that soup huh?'

"It's my favourite flavour, it's the only one I like, it's Brussels sprout!"

With a little break, big difference I'd like to craft stories while enjoying my first ever Eurostar journey and taking in the sights of Brussels. No more sprout puns if I win, I promise!

VP said...

He's Winston Churchill checking the time.
That's in Covent Garden, the only Italian piazza in the UK.
That was the London Eye just before it rolled away along the Thames.

Sorry, if I came to London I'll never leave for a short break to Bruxelles. Only exception an Eurostar trip.

JennyMac said...

What a FAB giveaway...good luck to whomever wins! I would love to win but would need to hightail it to London first. :)

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

hope your winner enjoys the trip - if I could get to London I might have a go but can't so won't.

Babzy.B said...

Nice competition ,i enjoy reading the comments , best wishes to all participants !

Anonymous said...
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Leif Hagen said...

I agree with everything "goodeda1122" said above. In fact, I couldn't have said it better myself!

In regards to the questions, I'm not going with the crowd. I think they're all wrong:
1. Eiffel Tower - tourist in the way of camera.
2. Red Square in Moscow - Ukrainian tourists.
3. A giant FAN used in Cairo.

Please contact me through my blog about my success:
EAGAN daily photo - cheers! said...

The 1st one is big ben London.
The 2nd one is Covent Garden.
The 3rd on is London Eye.

I would really like to take my sister to Brussels where she lived for a year. It would allow us to have a girlie weekend and to eat lots of waffles and mussels and to discover or rediscover all the places to described in your post on Brussels. Reading that post made me feel like jumping in the first eurostar to go to brussels!

Celine, frenchies in london

Sid said...

Would love to go but I live in SA ... and you're not giving away plane tickets from SA to London as well, are you?

Gunn said...

My husband who is "made in England", will have a BIG birthday on Oct. 23. He is THE ONE who I would take with me to a city/country we have never been to. And we have never used a TRAIN from England....
So. if I win it will be a very nice surprise...
Without trying I will not have a chance....
So, I just GO for it....
Winstin Churchill-Covent Garden and London Eye are my answers.

Gunn said...

Winston..... sorry about the spelling .....

lunarossa said...

Almost missed the competition because of my dodgy Internet connection!!! My answers are:

1) Winston Churchill
2) Covent Garden
3) The London Eye

"Whether I win or not win this break, it has been worth taking part because it shows that my Internet connection is working at the moment!Yuppy!"

Karen said...

I left my competition answers via your email contact address.

Fingers crossed!!!!


Karen said...

Will try again - as something happened with my email I guess.

1- Big Ben with Sir Winston Churchill looming in the forefront
2- The Covent Garden Piazza
3- The London Eye

Why I deserve this holiday....

I live with an incredibly cheap husband and I just forked out all my personal savings so that my teenager could go on a school trip to Paris for her fine arts class. She'll be visiting the museums, galleries, sketching the sights.... ALL the thing I LOVE doing in a foreign city! Do I think my daughter appreciates it? Probably not. Nor will she probably admit to her friends how her mum came to earn that money - as it was through my work as a life model. Yup, frightening thought - having your less than glamourous 45 yr old mum pose in the buff for art classes. (Can you say YOUR mum would have made such sacrifices for you?!) It's a job full of stress- physically demanding, often working in cold studios, every imperfection on show - every bit of cellulite, stretch marks, grey hair, the turkey neck chin...
So you see.... I need a bit of respite in Brussels - to get the holiday my hubby won't cough up for, to indulge in my passion for exploring different cultures, art & it's people, AND I will probably come back a bit fitter - from walking around the city - so I'll be in better shape (physically & emotionally) for future modelling jobs and less scary to look at because of the big smile I will have on my face from being a lucky winner. So, in short, it's a win-win situation!

Tony Pinizzotto said...

Covent Garden , Big Ben, London Eye!!!
I want to go to London so badly I can taste the fish and chips. I was raised in a lower class home and never got to travel much. Growing up my ways to escape were watching films. I remember seeing films like Mary Poppins, Candleshoe, Bednobs and Broomsticks, Peter Pan, and more and just kept thing over and over again that London and England must seem like a magical place. I have yet to be able to get over there but still keep the dream alive in my heart.

The Lone Beader® said...

Big Ben, Covent Garden, London Eye.

Even though I was just in Europe, there is always a reason to return. My main reason for wanting to visit Brussels is to see how many different kinds of beer I can drink while I'm waiting for the train back to London. ;)

The Lone Beader® said...

Wait, I just looked at the picture again. I think the first one really is Banksy! He's on his way to stencil a little street art on Big Ben in broad daylight! Brilliant! ;)

WhatKathyDid said...

1. Our Winston in front of Big Ben
2. Covent Garden
3. The London Eye

With a Big Break in Brussels I could break away from the bleak bearpit of my birth. I could break bread with a belgian bear-tamer, breakdance breathlessly across bars after bottles and bottles of Belgian beer, and when it's time to go home, I could make a break for the border so I never have to return. I just hope the Eurostar doesn't break down on the way...

Ham said...

Well, here we go I have to join in.

1 - That's the rear of Winston Churchill, taken from the north side of the square, facing the clock tower in which Big Ben hangs

2 - That's the junction of Culverhay and Covent Garden, looking towards the market

3 - The London Eye, from the eastern side (probably)

A little break to Brussels, would doubtless result in a big difference: a sprouting of ideas to inspire and a much longer life(haven't you heard of the health benefits of chocolate?). And the best thing about a little break to Belgium? You're not away from London for too long

Hans said...

What a wonderful competition! My participation post can be found at:


Central London Tradesmen said...

Went here last year just before christmas and have to say what a beautiful place it is, was really amazed by the place, the people are so friendly and everything was just perfect.

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