Wednesday 19 May 2010

Marble Arch

Part of the detail in the gates of Marble Arch.
Designed by Nash in 1828 with the intention of being a grand entrance to Buckingham Palace. Although rumoured the reason they were never used for this purpose was because the arch was too narrow for the royal coach, this is not actually true.
They sit near to where the Tyburn tree was. A popular spot for a public hangings.


Tussy said...

Powerful one, beautiful shot as always :)

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Babzy.B said...

very nice detail :)

Mandy said...

That is a lovely photograph! What was the real reason they weren't used then?

stromsjo said...

Well snapped in lovely, artsy mono.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee
«Louis» remembers this from his visit to Londres.

Jim said...

It's a great piece of art.
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