Wednesday 18 May 2011

Flying the Flag

The Mall looked very grand with all the flags flying for that wedding. Some are still flying around Buckingham Palace this week.

We however have a drum roll and a red hat to announce the winner of our monopoly board competition. The prize is the fabulous monopoly revolution. The winner is:

Sue from London Cemeteries.

The answer is 40 squares.

However as you all debated if they were squares, spaces, rectangles or oblongs, I accepted answers that said 4 squares or 40 squares. These all went into the red hat for selection.

Thanks to those who entered the competition. Also thanks to all of you who took the tour and followed each day as we stopped on each square (place) on the board. I had fun bringing it to you and hope you enjoyed the game.

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Sue said...

Yay! Thanks Mo :-)

Angie said...

Congrats Sue.
Love the look of the flag, Mo. So what's next?

Luis Gomez said...

Congratulations to Sue! This was great Mo.

Jenny Woolf said...

At first I thought the flag was a sail from a ship - "what a good idea!" I thought

H said...

It was a great tour. Congratulations to Sue :)

Sharon said...

And what a wedding it was! Congrats to your winner.

gloria cuce' said...

Very nice shot Mo!

Jack said...

Very proper. Congrats to Sue and thanks, Mo, for an entertaining tour of the Monopoly board.

Karine said...

I love how the red on the flag stands out against all the blue and whit in this photo! Well done :o)

RedPat said...

Thanks for the tour of the English Monopoly board - lots of fun!

Emm said...

Oh my! I missed your entire Monopoly game!! Gosh, that is how long I was out of commission with studies, illness and work woes. :( I'll catch up tonight but I won't plague you with endless comments!

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