Thursday 12 May 2011

Monopoly - Bond Street

Monopoly green square £320.

You don't come here for the sales. Last year named the most expensive retail location in Europe. Luxury stores have been here since the early 18th century.
Expect security guards at the door of many of the stores. Designer labels, bespoke shoes, enormous handbags, (recently popular with the smash and grab moped gang. Jewellery so expensive they now have a digital version of tiaras for you to try on. (Perfect accessory for a royal wedding.) Pop into Sotheby's for a couple of old masters for the walls.


jabblog said...

Even the air smells rich!

Ken Mac said...

sounds like Soho or 5th avenue here....too much money, and no sense

Irredento Urbanita said...

That place was not made for me.



Barcelona Daily Photo

H said...

Window shopping only, I think!

Adullamite said...

Too expensive by far.

Luis Gomez said...

Window shopping!

Sharon said...

It's one of those streets where you can look but not touch.

Anonymous said...

om the horizontal,
as in this image, is ok

perspective on the vertical,
per the next image, is just annoying
(excepting considered & deliberate circumstances)

this problem used to be addressed in the darkroom -- today it is even more easily addressed via 'digital darkroom' software such as 'photoshop'

you do beautiful work, mo, very often, but some of your best works are marred by easily correctable problems like 'vertical perspective', which problem i have previously commented on(?)

you definitely have 'the eye' -- would love to see you take this to the next level!

your best is yet to come

× × ×


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