Monday 3 October 2011

From Tobacco to Militants

Millbank, the area behind Westminster just along from the Tate was once where the millhouse blonging to Westminster Abbey stood. Hence the name. Later the home of the American Tobacco company, possibly they, who created this panel in the magnificent front door. Now government offices. I think MI5 or 6 (always get those muddled up). Another wee gem of trivia for you, the term 'Millbank Machine' is used by politicians to mean 'spin doctor'. So there you go, see if you can weave that into your next political discussion.


Adullamite said...

Not sure what that mural is trying to say. Colonists or slave traders or MI5 on a secret mission?

Jack said...

I don't know what the mural is about either, but it is well worth enlarging and thinking about it for a bit.

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