Monday 7 November 2011

Cool Cocktail

Oh the things I do for you dear readers, sampling the latest cocktails at trendy bars. It's a tough job but someone has to do it.

Those folks from down under (New Zealand) have created another fabulous cocktail with their pure vodka that they call 42 Below. So called because of the latitude where is was created, and of course coming from New Zealand it's made of good pure unpolluted ingredients. If you are London based you may have noticed the Antipodean coffee bar invasion and in particular "flat whites" on the menu. This is another import from the same latitude.

Now 42 Below have combined the two into a fabulous cocktail. They are currently promoting it at Callooh Callay bar in Shoreditch. A cool bar with a Narnia type wardrobe connecting the reservations only back bar to the front bar.

But for those of you that can't get there I managed to get you the recipe. Oh the things I do for you.

Our cocktail is a new twist on the classic and sadly often overlooked Espresso Martini…….. Ours is called the Flat White.


1 oz cold New Zealand Espresso
1 1/2 oz 42Below Vodka
1 1/2 Kahlua
1 oz white crème de Cacao

Pour ingredients into shaker filled with ice, shake vigorously, and strain into a takeout coffee cup.... and enjoy.


Stefan Jansson said...

I guess I will have to give this one a try, skål!

Sharon said...

You are such a brave and dedicated blogger to hunt out and try test these things for all of us! Thank You!

Luis Gomez said...

Sounds really good!

aaron said...

Hi Mo,
Glad you had a good night, so did we! Like the Facebook page to get all of our updates.

Cheers aaron said...

I always admire the bartender's handiwork and his/hers result.

Anonymous said...

nz espresso is coffee,
i'm counting 4oz booze in the mix...

ok, make mine a double!

× × ×


Caroline said...

Definitely will try it out. My New Zealand sister in law is coming for Christmas so I will astonish and astound her with this NZ cocktail. Many thanks

Celestial Charms said...

Looks like a great place to hang out!

Jack said...

Your dedication on behalf of your blogging audience is impressive, Mo.

Louis la Vache said...

Holy Moly! A severe central nervous system depressant combined with a stimulant! More than one of these would probably put you in the morgue!

Indeed, the things you do for us!

Gemel said...

Oh how do you cope? :)

Tom Seaman said...

You poor thing, all that work!

Gunn said...

Looks like a nice and trendy place.
Like your images.
You are so good at finding interesting places/ events to share with us!
BRAVO, Mo !!:)

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