Sunday, 27 July 2014

Ted goes Stateside

I recently popped across the ditch to visit friends of mine in the US who shall remain nameless (Barack and Hilary). Our meeting place was the Hamptons on Long Island. It has long been the home of the rich, and the carefree, and then there are my friends who live there as well. Long island is a lovely place in summer, it’s green and rural, surrounded by warm blue sea, beautiful white beaches, with an abundance of wildlife, market gardens, and vineyards.  It’s a wonderfully relaxing place to live, especially after the hustle and yes more hustle of Noo Yark city.

I got to absorb myself in what is essentially village life in a series of little villages.  I went to a country fair in the main street of Mattituck (called believe it or not “Love Lane”).  A particular food fair favourite is … Zeppoles.  They are little puffed triangles of deep fried sweet dough covered in a lot of icing sugar (they may have been brought to America by the Scottish).

My friends had a whole programme planned out for me.  Yes there would be lots of eating and drinking, but there would also be exercise to earn it. Including sailing, walking up hills in the hot sun, and a trip to the beach, by boat naturally.  Deposited on our own little white sand spot where we could sit under an umbrella and sip ice cold rose (are you jealous yet …) and watch the water sports of the Hampton dwellers.  Look at this – do not try this at home … even if you live in the Hamptons.  The woman in this picture was a one time world paddle board judo champion … apparently.

We visited vineyards and craft breweries, all immensely proud of their offerings. The local produce was fabulous and my friends all  laid on some really great meals. I went to one of the farm stores where I met Bob the elderly owner and he made me (ok I didn’t resist much) eat an ear of raw corn that had just been picked two hours earlier.  It was divine, and instantly transported me back to my childhood. If I could get corn like that here in London, I would never cook it ever again. 

Ah …  how much richer we are for having good friends.


Adullamite said...

Not in the least jealous of this.

Now, time for stale bread and mouldy cheese for breakfast....

Anonymous said...

That looks and sounds idyllic.

Sharon said...

And I thought just standing on a paddle board in the water was crazy. I had no idea some people did even crazier things on them.

Carol Lee Murphy said...

Dear Ted,
Thanks for your wonderful story. Your visit to our area was BIG NEWS and we loved being graced with your presence and presents. Please come back soon and thanks for the publicity!
Oh and can you export some dine British Chase Marmalade vodka our way as we are missing our morning toddy?
Love, Long Island girl xxoo

William Kendall said...

Now that is a great way to spend a few days!

Billy Blue Eyes said...

You had a good time then. Like the teddies

Jack said...

Ted, you do live a fine life, though I must question your choice of friends. There is nothing to compare with fresh corn!

Unknown said...

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