Sunday 26 October 2014

Ted and the Colonel

I had just put the Doll on a jet plane. I was at a loose end and hungry naturally.  I thought, I know I’ll go to The Colonel Fawcett. The Colonel is no less than the winner of the 2014 best “Sunday Roast in the UK”  award from a rather influential food magazine, and do not under estimate the competition in that, the most British of categories. 

That the Colonel is here at all is a testament to a labour of love by some savvy young friends who found and bought an old, abandoned, and very run-down pub and rebuilt it. They say they are in a very english fashion “a boozer with good food”. I applaud the modesty, but they are far more. They try to do everything right sourcing wise. They have a reputable butcher supplying their meat, and they support the small traditional and ethical producers.   

They have like a zillion gins on the bar, so while they graciously sorted out a table for me I tippled on a Monkey 47 and tonic. Once seated in the lovely garden I ordered what I had come for … several of the little dishes. But Ted I hear you say they won the best Sunday Roast award, why are you not trying that (yes you did I heard you). Well .. cos .. the little dishes looked really good and met that restaurant rule of what you wouldn't or in reality couldn't cook for yourself at home.  

I ordered violet artichokes in a parmesan crust with an anchovy mayo and what a fabulous dish, taste and texture spot on. Next I had cod cheeks and decided whomever made the coating and was on the deep fryer station was a culinary champion in the making. The final test ..quail on lentils with bacon and truffle ,would the lentils have that deep savoury rich earthy flavour, would the quail be well cooked, would the truffle even be there ... well judge for yourself. I licked the plate clean.   
What could make the Colonel even better? … some more "food friendly" wines on their list. I know they are a “boozer” but just a couple of wines designed for drinking with food would really showcase their excellent wares, and I can recommend a good supplier Sustainable Wines UK.


Sharon said...

Another excellent review Ted! I must admit, those lentils had my mouth watering.

William Kendall said...

It sounds like you had quite a meal!

Angie said...


Adullamite said...

Tonic water? You & Ted...?

Jack said...

Ted, you need to go back and get some of that roast!!

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