Sunday 4 September 2016

Ted is 'O ver the moon

… meaning “extremely happy and delighted” … well yes I am now that you ask … before I tell you why though I should tell you that “over the moon” has been in the English language for around a century now. However, its only really been in common use since the 1970’s when television provided a vehicle for professional football players and managers (those well-known literary geniuses and giants of grammatical correctness) to beam a synopsis of their team’s performance into the homes of the nation each week.

Changing tact, and there’s something new about the water in London … ah yeah we all know that Ted given that its recycled up to 7 times, has such a lovely mouth feel, and, successive mayors feel compelled to be photographed drinking it to reassure us that its completely safe and we’re getting value for our exorbitant water rates (oh we are moany today aren’t we Ted … no I’m not … ok I might be … slightly … I'm missing out, there’s been no summer to speak off really, and now it’s raining AGAIN, and my friends have been sending me photos of their idyllic summer holidays). 

Ok ..  so concentrate Ted … what made you happy and delighted? Oh yeah … a new Italian restaurant that hit south of the river a few weeks back called … wait for it … ‘O ver. It means “truth” in Naples speak apparently, and it landed looking all Italian, effortlessly stylish, comfortable, and welcoming, offering genuine Neapolitan street food, pizza, pastas, and bread, all home made with … wait for it … pure sea water.

So what do you think Ted? … I’m glad you asked (yes you did I heard you). For me ‘O ver’s food speaks directly to the essence of Italian food – great ingredients with minimal intervention, seducing your taste buds, and encouraging you to be greedy (oh what me greedy … pleassee…) Starters are a show off of quality Italian produce on a plate – fennel salami and prosciutto that melts in your mouth leaving you umami overcome. Grilled vegetables twirled into red, white, and green handsomeness, dressed with sublime extra virgin olive oil clearly pressed gently by babies’ feet. Burrata with magic white truffle dust, salads, breads, and fried street food typical of Naples. Then those delicious pizzas … chewy crusts with tasty toppings in a perfect topping to crust ratio.

Deserts are not just after thoughts. They are “I am so full but I’m having one” moments. Add an excellent wine list, with a strong nod to the natural side, and warm friendly we love our food and we want you to love it too, Italian service and tell me what is there not to like.

Lucky lucky lucky are the people who have ‘O ver as their local.  If you’re ever “over here, then get over there”.


jabblog said...

Sounds wonderful!

Sharon said...

This place sounds delicious! I do enjoy creative cooking.

William Kendall said...

Sounds like Ted is pleased!

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