Thursday 15 January 2009

Carmelite St

A small street from Victoria Embankment that leads into Whitefriars St connecting to Fleet St.
The area is full of history of newspaper men and religious men. I'm on a mission to find out more.


Julie said...

ooh oooh ... I walked part of that area when I was in London in October just gone. Okay ... got my boots on .. ready when you are to explore!

lunarossa said...

Thought I knew London pretty well, but you keep on showing me new interesting locations to explore. Lovely! Thanks. Ciao. A.

Sharon said...

That is a beautiful entrance framing those smartly dressed businessmen!

Unknown said...

Fantastic entrance! I like the composition too.

Anonymous said...

great pic
that could only
be better by correction
of the perspective distortion

photoshop can help

there's a good section at wikipedia about this subject -- see here

keep up the good work!


marley said...

Very smart looking door (understatement!) The two pedestrians are a great bonus. Now go and find out more. I want to "read all about it!"

Becky said...

I enjoyed this photo. It made me long to be in London again. Oh, how I love that place! Moreso every time I see photos like this. Please keep posting wonderful shots!

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