Tuesday 13 January 2009


Ice skating rinks are all around London generally with an historic building as a backdrop. My observations are there are 2 types of skaters. Great or unable to let go of the side rail for more than a nano second. The second type are way better than I know I would be if I made any attempt to even put those sharp blades anywhere near my feet.

I have received 2 awards from lunarossa. Thank you. I am honoured. Check out her great site.


PeterParis said...

This give me idea to take some photos of ice skating also in Paris! I hope you don't mind if I steel the idea?

bitingmidge said...

I went looking for ice skaters today too, but the sea hasn't frozen yet!

I'm glad there are lots of positives to the .. ahem... cooler spell you've been having lately!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

CeciliaGallerani said...

I am somewhat in awe of skaters, too. It looks so free and wonderful when you can do it (like riding a horse), but it takes so much work to get there.

Congratulations on your well-deserved awards!

lunarossa said...

Hi Mo, I drew a veil on ice-skating long time ago when I witnessed a girl falling on the rink and having a couple of finger tops chopped by another skater who did not stop. It was more than awful!!! I was so shocked that I've never allowed my kids to go skating. I do not even watch it on tv! Your shot is nice though. Ciao. A.

The Lone Beader® said...

I have only ice-skated once. I prefer roller-skates! :D

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