Sunday 28 February 2010

Vintage Bikes

An incredible collection of more than 100 vintage bikes, gathered over several years by it's Pamplona owner were auctioned yesterday.
Some looked as though they had just been rescued from a war site, others were sparkling and shiny and looked ready to race.
Not that I know a lot about bikes but still I was impressed.
Take a look at the auctioneers site if you want to know all those detailed things I can't answer.


Leif Hagen said...

Very cool! Must have been fun to see!

darkfoam said...

cooj bike! some of these bikes are like works of art..

Unknown said...

very cool!

Nice blog : ) I am a new follower.

Check out my blog as well when you get a chance.

Sharon said...

This must have been fun to see. I wonder how many collectors were there to made a bid.

Chuck Pefley said...

Nice RAF bike. 100 vintage bikes puts my stable of only one vintage + two modern to shame -:)

Thanks for your heads up about the auction!

Wayne said...

I'd have checked out that auction if I'd known about it.

Look at the tires on that beast, they look like truck tires.

Killara girl said...

cool! i have to send the site to my Dad, he used to race these, bsa's triumps, it was all dirt in those days!

Anonymous said...


you get invited
to all the coolest places, mo!

× × ×


Tussy said...

Really Cool!

The Lone Beader® said...

Way cool!!

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